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Get Your Dr. Frankenstein on with These Marvel Mix-and-Match Action Figures

Marvel Mashers Wave 11

Spider-man may have his Spidey Sense, Cap his shiny vibranium shield, Iron Man built-in palm blasters, and Falcon’s got some sweet metal wings. But the Marvel Super Hero Mashers Action Figures Wave 11 Set gives you the ultimate power – of creation. (No lightning or operating tables necessary!)

These unique action figures are designed to be ripped apart and slapped back together. Give Spidey Falcon’s wings and Cap’s legs, or maybe let Tony borrow Steve’s shield for a while. Remix and reconfigure your favorite heroes; the wackier the result the better!

These superheroes measure approximately 7 1/2-inches and are intended for ages 4 and up. This Wave 11 Set has four individually packaged action figures and will arrive in April, so pre-order today.

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Marvel Mashers Wave 11



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