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Meet The Droids: Jabba’s Bartender


Where would the Mighty Jabba’s huge sail barge be without a little liquid refreshment? It would be a madhouse of thirsty, dangerous aliens. What droid is it that has learned enough respect to serve drinks to the guests of the most powerful Hutt on Tatooine? If you pay close attention and scan the shadowed background of Return of the Jedi, you will spy a small droid that has no official name or designation in the Star Wars Universe, but that carries a huge burden: that little red and white droid is known only as Jabba’s Bartender.

He appears not only in Episode VI, but also in a handful of books. He looks rather like an astromech droid, but if he has a letter and number designation, we don’t get to know. His drink tray is carried much like the one R2-D2 carries when he is indentured aboard the sail barge. However, with his amounts of experience, we are willing to bet that he pours a better drink than R2 ever could. The drink dispenser hangs over the seven cups that await filling.

Whatever his name might be, Jabba’s Bartender has earned his place in history and perished along with his foolish and stubborn master. Hasbro has brought him back to life and he is now a proud member of Star Wars The Black Series Astromech Droids Action Figure collection that is exclusive to Entertainment Earth. This marks the first time that the character has been fully seen by fans, out of the obscurity of the background. This figure would look great in any collection, on any desk, and carrying drinks through anyone’s floating pleasure palace. Order now!

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Droid Exclusive



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