The Force Is Strong With New Hasbro Wookie Furby from Kashyyyk

Furbacca Furby

The Force is strong with this Furby, and now you can take Chewbacca home as the Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens Furbacca Chewbacca Furby Toy by Hasbro!

Chewie… he’s home, and now he’s ready to join Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens collections everywhere!

Can I just say, this Furby is absolutely adorable. With moving eyes, ears, and mouth, he is like a typical Furby – except that he growls and hums the Star Wars theme, has LCD screens built into his eyes, and can display images from the Star Wars movies. Rad. He is clearly not a typical Furby.

It’s interesting to note that Furby became popular in 1998 and is experiencing a resurgence as the must-have toy now. Furby becoming more interactive with an app-based game and controls, which can be seen in Furbacca. Furbacca uses an app designed for Apple and Android phones and tablets. The app lets owners feed, bathe, and play games with the toy, and the LCD screens built into the eyes display images of Imperial Star Destroyers and X-Wing Fighters.

This adorable take on Chewbacca from a galaxy far, far away is just the pal you need when you go see The Force Awakens! This Furbacca is 6-inches wide and 5-inches long.

This is the Wookiee you’re looking for, and it is currently available at Entertainment Earth with free shipping.

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