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Beware, Autobots: Bruticus Is Back!

Transformers Combiner Wars Generation 2 Bruticus Combaticons Boxed Set

According to the classic Transformers cartoon series, the Combaticons were a renegade group of Decepticons that tried to overthrow Megatron millions of years in the past. Thwarted, they were put into prison for eternity. Then, in 1985, they were freed by Starscream, but they returned to following Megatron’s orders. This was a handy group for Megatron to command, as the five Combaticons combine forces to become the super-robot, Bruticus.

Now, Bruticus is returning, and he’s stronger than ever. Instead of just the original five robots, there is a powerful new addition to the crew. The Combiner Wars is the perfect place to not just renew old teams, but to perfect them. Joining the original team of Onslaught, Blast Off, Vortex, and Swindle, is none other than Shockwave! Shockwave, the former lone Decepticon left on the home planet joins the team to become a powerful gun for Bruticus.

The Combaticons are a real boon to the firepower of the Decepticons. Not only are they supremely powerful as Bruticus, but their vehicle transformations are beyond powerful, themselves. The leader, Onslaught, is an anit-aircraft truck, huge and imposing by himself, Onlaught could take on a whole gang of Autobots; Blast Off transforms into a space shuttle, giving a huge range of attack to the Decepticon forces. Vortex bucks the usual Decepticon trend by being an army helicopter; Brawl turns into a fully armored tank; and smooth-talking Swindle is an army Jeep. Add to this the firepower of Shockwave, and this is a team that just can’t be beat.

This new Bruticus toy made for the Combiner Wars looks much better than the original. The colors are in line with the G-2 colors from the 1990s, but the general shaping is more dynamic and sturdy. This six robot team, transforming into the mighty Bruticus, is a toy that every Transformers fan will want to have in their collection! Pre-order with Free U.S. Shipping.

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Transformers Combiner Wars Generation 2 Bruticus Combaticons Boxed Set



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