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Meet the Transformers for a New Generation


Welcome to the new generation. The Transformers: Generations line of figures rekindles your love of Transformers as new toys for new generations. The Deluxe Chromia and Voyager Brainstorm figures bring fan-favorites to life.

Bring home Windblade’s bodyguard with the Generations Deluxe Chromia. The blue motorbike can change from a Cybertronian warrior to an Autobot vehicle in no time, and comes armed with twin pistols for Decepticon-fighting fun. This 5-inch tall figure is a heavy retool of the Prime: Robots in Disguise Arcee.

Voyager Brainstorm can invent ennui guns and mystery briefcases – and that’s while flying through the galaxy and changing shape! This Headmaster has a tiny robot which changes into a head, and he can also fit inside the cockpit of Brainstorm’s vehicle mode. The turquoise figure is based on Nick Roche’s design for More Than Meets the Eye.

These awesome Transformers are currently available at Entertainment Earth, where all in-stock orders of $79 or more receive free shipping!

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