Me Want Cookie! Make Haslab’s Dream Cookie Monster Collectible Come True!

In the first episode of Sesame Street (November 10, 1969), he ate a plastic foam letter “W.” Then he tried to eat Kermit the Frog!

But a half-century later, we know this fun and furry blue beast actually has an appetite for only one thing – COOKIES!

(All together now: “Om nom nom nom…”)

Performed by Frank Oz until 2001, when David Rudman inherited the character’s shaggy, crumb-filled mantle, Cookie Monster regularly ranks high as a favorite Sesame Street character.

Now he’s hitting new heights as Haslab’s next dream collectible!

“D” is for Details – That’s Good Enough for Us!

Haslab Cookie Monster


Haslab is Hasbro’s platform for crowdfunding fan-pleasing toys and collectibles. Once a proposed project meets a minimum demand, it enters production.

Haslab successfully launched Jabba’s Sail Barge from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi earlier this year. Now it’s cooking up what Bill Rawley, Hasbro Senior Product Design Manager, calls “the most accurate Cookie [Monster] ever made for fans.”

Check out the ingredients in Haslab’s recipe for the perfect Cookie Monster replica:

  • Exacting Accuracy – The correctly proportioned skeleton. The blue, tumbled plush fur covering it (developed using a swatch from the actual Muppet). Those gorgeously googling eyes! This Cookie Monster precisely matches the photorealistic puppet used in Sesame Street photo shoots.
  • Full Poseability – Haslab designers meticulously measured and studied onscreen Cookie’s armature. Your replica’s arms, hands, fingers, mouth, neck, head, waist, and legs can move just like the real Cookie’s can. Have him waving a friendly welcome – or wolfing down an armful of chocolate chip goodies.
  • Superb Scale – Standing 38-inches tall and weighing 10 pounds, this Cookie Monster replica is Hasbro’s biggest Sesame Street item ever. It’s the perfect way for you to celebrate the show’s biggest anniversary yet!

Your Cookie also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, two original lithographs. and in 50th-anniversary commemorative packaging.

And Haslab has promised he’ll have a to-be-revealed accessory. (We can’t promise you it’ll be a big cookie but we’d bet our batter it won’t be Alistair Cookie’s dressing gown from Monsterpiece Theater!)

Cookie’s Counting on YOU!


No serious Sesame Street or Muppet collector will want to be without Haslab’s Cookie Monster.

But this dream collectible will stay a dream unless 3,000 of his friends and fans make a $299.99 pre-order by August 25, 2019. (Hasbro won’t charge anyone’s card until the deadline hits.)

You were more than happy to believe Cookie Monster was real when you watched him as a kid.

Here’s your chance to make him real – the really stunning centerpiece of your collection.

We can’t tell you how to get to Sesame Street. But we can tell you to head on over to Haslab’s website where you can pre-order this monstrously marvelous Muppet replica!




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