Relive One of the Best Scenes in Captain America: Civil War

When the Ant-Man film was announced way back when, knowing he would join the same Marvel Universe that included the arrow slinging Hawkeye, I had one vision in mind. Tiny Ant-Man perched upon an arrowhead about to be thrust through the air via Clint Barton’s expertly trained aim and bow. When it finally happened in Captain America: Civil War my geeky goose bumps activated. It had been done in the comics before but to see it on the screen in all of its live action glory was a whole new level of awesome. The geniuses at Factory Entertainment have created a brilliant new statue that captures that moment!

The Hawkeye & Ant-Man Premium Motion Statue takes its inspiration from the memorable airport battle that pitted friend against friend, Avenger against Avenger. The base of the statue rotates the full 360 degrees, which allows you – the proud new owner of this great statue – to see every single detail. The statue stands 12-inches tall and is hand-painted and crafted in polystone. Just like Hawkeye, you won’t need any special abilities to make the statue move, just a D battery, which is not included.

The airport battle of Civil War will go down as one of the more fun and emotionally thrilling scenes in the MCU and now you can own a piece of that history. Don’t miss the mark and get your motion statue now!



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