Zack Snyder Met with HBO to Discuss a Watchmen TV Series


Who watches the Watchmen? Well, apparently HBO hopes you do!

According to Collider, director of the 2009 Watchmen film, Zack Snyder, has had meetings with the cable channel about bringing to life a TV series based on the Alan Moore characters.

There’s no evidence whether or not this will actually happen, just that the meetings took place. It’s an exciting prospect to consider either way, though.

The original 12-issue comic book depicted an alternate history where superheroes helped the US government win the Vietnman War. Afterwards, costumed vigilantes are outlawed and the story follows some of them as they deal with this fallout when a former hero is murdered.

The 2009 film by Snyder left both fans and critics split, but there were a lot of things I liked about it and I think it’s one of Snyder’s better films so I wouldn’t mind seeing the world further explored in a visual medium again.

There are many directions an HBO show about Watchmen could take, whether it be a sequel, re-telling of the main story, or a prequel.

I think a prequel has the most possibility. They could either go with Before Watchmen, a 2012 series that gave background for the main comic’s characters. They could also go even further back and produce a series on the Minutemen, a group of heroes from the 1940s before the Watchmen stepped in.

Nothing is for sure, but meetings mean it’s at least on people’s minds.

Do you want a Watchmen TV series? What do you hope it’ll be about?

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