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Highlights from New York Comic Con 2016

One of the largest East Coast conventions, the 11th annual New York Comic Con was this past weekend, and GOOD GOLLY, MISS MOLLY, it was one heck of a turn-out!

Aside from the multitude of impressive cosplays that flooded the Internet, Hollywood took the opportunity to drop news and trailers galore.

The teaser for War for the Planet of the Apes, the latest in the rebooted series, was suitably ominous given the “war” the film centers on. The CGI-heavy movie will feature a motion-captured cast of stellar talent including Judy Greer and Steve Zahn.

Another teaser gave us our first taste of the brand new Doctor Who spin-off, Class, which promises to be even scarier and sexier than DW – a tall order to fill. Sadly, those of us in America will have to wait until next spring to find out if it delivers on that promise (though lucky Brits will get to watch Class starting on the 22nd).

Keanu Reeves was excited to bring the first trailer for the followup to John Wick to NYCC, stating he couldn’t wait to don the suit again.

Perhaps the biggest buzz, however, came with the first trailer for the new Power Rangers film. Fans are already firmly divided; the filmmakers definitely took the characters and story into a completely new direction.

In superhero news, a trio of Wonder Woman movie statues were unveiled to tie in with the new film, which hits theaters next June: choose from Diana astride a horse, standing in Amazonian training gear, or beside Steve Trevor preparing for battle! Meanwhile, Marvel has added yet another esteemed actor to the already talent-packed Black Panther: Forest Whitaker will be playing an as-yet-undisclosed character (how mysterious!). Marvel also premiered a teaser trailer for their upcoming Iron Fist Netflix show.

Fans of the new Voltron animated series, rejoice! The wait for season two is almost over! Netflix will be releasing it January 20th, so be sure to set aside some time for a triumphant binge-watch.

Mezco’s newest Living Dead Doll, the crimson Pinhead, was not only debuted at NYCC – it’s an Entertainment Earth exclusive! Funko had some major announcements, including one with Marvel. And to round out the collectible news, Hasbro also revealed a new series of Star Wars: Rogue One toys that will be available soon!

Phew! Talk about a jam-packed quartet of days! With the popularity of NYCC growing every year, we can only wonder just how huge next year’s will be – it’s certainly become a convention to watch (and attend, if at all possible)!



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