This Is One Derelict Craft Astronauts Should Have Steered Clear Of…

Alien Derelict Ship Statue

When Dallas, Lambert, and Kane entered the strange alien craft on a desolate planetoid, they really should have paid more attention to that creeping unease tickling their necks. One look at the otherworldly interior is enough to know that anything found inside would not be sparkly and fun.

But as we all know, the trio kept poking where they shouldn’t have, and poor Kane ends up bringing the worst stowaway ever back onto the Nostromo.

Hollywood Collectibles Group now presents the Alien Derelict Ship Statue, an intricately detailed model that perfectly captures the organic nature of the downed alien spacecraft.

This museum-quality scale model is constructed from heavyweight polystone, is hand painted for the finest level of detail, and comes complete with a base designed to replicate the rocky surface of the (then) uninhabited LV-426.

Measuring about 21-inches long, this statue is limited to just 500 pieces worldwide. So don’t worry about quarantine protocols: pre-order now with free shipping to guarantee adding this unique piece to your collection!

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