New Epic Statues Ask the Question: Marvel or Capcom?


Get ready to answer the age old question of who will win with these fantastic Marvel vs. Capcom 3 statues from Hollywood Collectibles!

Each epic set comes with two statues, one Marvel and one Capcom, so you can pit them against each other and decide who the winner will be.

Stepping into the ring first is one of the most popular mutants, Wolverine. Real name Logan, he measures 21-inches tall and is a fierce, ravaging competitor. However, he’s up against the first Street Fighter tournament champion, Ryu, and at 26-inches tall, he has traveled the world perfecting his technique so this will be an intense showdown.

Cool and collected Dante from Devil May Cry is part of the next match and faces one of Marvel’s most unpredictable heroes – Deadpool. At 19 1/2-inches tall, Dante stands confidently with his massive sword in one hand. Deadpool, meanwhile, measures 20-inches tall and comes equipped with more than just one weapon. His katanas sit on his back while he points two handguns at his opponent.

Two great evils face off in the last battle. Dr. Doom, leader of Latveria and famous Marvel villain, stands intimidatingly with his arms folded over his chest and measures 21-inches tall. Akuma, aka the Great Demon, snarls in a fighting pose and stands 19-inches tall.

Each statue comes on a themed based and are crafted of heavyweight polystone and handpainted. They are truly impressive statues and limited edition so make sure you order yours today!

These fearsome statues are currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth, with an expected arrival of later this month and free shipping.

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