These Home Alone Pop! Figures Will Have You Thirsty for More

Home Alone is one of those treasured holiday classics, where a spunky little boy inflicts grievous bodily harm upon a pair of nasty home intruders. (Well, they did have it coming.)

As a kid, who didn’t love the fantasy of defending the house with ingenious devices? Emphasis on fantasy – how else can you explain Marv and Harry’s impossible survival after being fricasseed, shot, and whacked in the head by all manner of heavy objects?

Funko has captured all the goofy, painful fun of Home Alone with their new line of Pop! Vinyl Figures.

Kevin comes fully prepared to protect the family homestead with a BB gun in one hand and a hot iron in the other. He’s proof that even small, seemingly innocent packages can be dangerous.

Marv is dressed in his signature layers, crowbar in hand and forehead already scorched by Kevin’s iron. Ouch – that’s gonna leave a mark.

Then there’s Harry, the “brains” of the outfit, holding a flashlight and looking a bit perturbed following his flambéing by Kevin’s torch booby trap.

Each stands the usual 3 3/4-inches tall and come packaged in a themed window display box. Be sure to snatch up all three, which will be arriving on our shelves this December –  just in time for this year’s family vacation.



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