Hooked on Guardians of the Galaxy Groot and Rocket Scalers

Did you catch the bunch of a-holes in Marvel’s blockbuster bonanza Guardians of the Galaxy?

These heroes are officially Guardians of the Galaxy Scalers mini characters! The Mini-Figure Set A includes Groot and Rocket Raccoon.

You can now take Groot, the hug-able tree, and Rocket, the feisty raccoon, out and about during your daily activities.

With detailed sculpts reminiscent of both their film and comic designs, Groot and Rocket Raccoon are raring to go with you on all your travels!

The cute, collectible minis attach to headphone cords, cables, straps, and so much more for on the go fun. If you loved Awesome Mix Tape #1, get ready to make your own and take these cool heroes for a ride.

Collect your favorites and take them anywhere. If you’re ready for a little bit of good, a little bit of bad, and a little bit of both, pre-order this Guardians of the Galaxy Scalers Mini-Figure Set at Entertainment Earth. They’re scheduled to arrive in January 2015.

» Pre-order Guardians of the Galaxy Scalers Mini-Figure A Set



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