6 Ghastly Detailed Statues That Horror Fans Will Scream For


Horror fans are attracted to the genre for many different reasons. Whether it’s blood and guts, mythical monsters, iconic serial killers, or all of the above. Luckily, Entertainment Earth has something for everyone!

Behold Executioner Majini from Resident Evil in a colossal 1:4 scale statue! This Executioner Majini statue is gargantuan 24-inches tall x 25-inches long and comes complete with the signature blood-stained axe. The Resident Evil Executioner Majini 1:4 Scale Statue is museum-quality, constructed from heavyweight polystone and mixed media and then hand-painted to the finest detail. This must-have statue is a limited edition of 500 pieces worldwide and will truly be the centerpiece of any collection.

Christopher Lee as Dracula is the debut figure for Star Ace Toys new line of 1:4 scale mixed media polyresin statues. Featuring Mr. Lee as he appeared in Hammer Studios’ 1970 film Scars of Dracula, this figure captures the beloved movie icon in one of his most famous roles. Now, you can feel the fear of the Count with the Scars of Dracula Count Dracula 1:4 Scale Statue. The detailed diorama base depicts the castle where Dracula lived in the film, and the fabric costume with a swirling cape perfectly captures Dracula’s formal wear. This spooky 1:4 scale statue stands about 21-inches tall. This item qualifies for free shipping!

Together… forever! This Bride of Frankenstein Bride and Monster Statue is a two-figure set that shows a classic pose of both Bride and Monster from the film. Crafted from resin and polystone, this highly detailed piece is sculpted by fan-favorite Jeff Yagher. The statue comes pre-painted and requires minor-assembly. Limited edition to 400 pieces. This item also qualifies for free shipping!

Your head will spin! Rotating head and all, The Exorcist Regan Life-Size Talking and Rotating Statue makes an unbeatable Halloween decorative piece that will look just as good (and chilling) in your media room. This astonishing 55-inch tall statue is crafted of vinyl, fabric, plastic, and metal. Regan features fully poseable arms, a head that rotates 360 degrees (just like in the movie), a body that shakes, eyes that light-up, and realistic jaw motion! From Morbid Enterprises, this statue also plays 6 different audio tracks and the theme from the classic 1970s horror movie that shocked the world. Believe it or not, she also operates on motion and sound sensor! Have you got the guts to order this? If you do, you’d better lock her up at night. Recommended for ages 17 and up.

The 6 movie audio tracks include:

  • Demon gibberish
  • Demon laughter
  • “My bed was shaking. I can’t go to sleep.”
  • “Do you know what she did? Your haunting daughter?”
  • “Oh, it burns! Oh, it burns! Ohhhhhh!
  • “Keep away, the sow is mine!”

Be careful, she’s not as innocent as she looks. Horror meets bishoujo style with this Child’s Play Bride of Chucky Tiffany Bishoujo Statue. Tiffany looks better than ever in this character interpretation by master illustrator Shunya Yamashita. Featuring her iconic bleach blonde hair, black leather jacket, and lacy dress, Tiffany is ready for her next victim. This statue measures about 7 3/4-inches tall and comes safely packaged in a closed box. Ordering her is “child’s play.” Reunite Tiffany with her long-lost love by displaying her alongside the previous Chucky Bishoujo Statue (sold separately). Recommended for ages 14 and up.

We saved the best for last with the most iconic sci-fi and horror mash-up. A dark, mysterious and apparently inert capsule, the alien egg is widely considered to be the first stage of the Xenomorph life cycle. Its unassuming exterior belies the danger within and when the egg senses a potential host, it blooms to unleash a facehugger. Get your hands on the Alien Predator Fig Special #7 Facehugger & Egg before it gets you! This statue stands approximately 8.5″ tall.

Several of these items are available now, while the rest will make their debut starting in May 2018. Place your orders for these horror statues on Entertainment Earth now!



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