Hugh Jackman Says Tom Hardy Could Replace Him as the Next Wolverine


Hugh Jackman only has one more run as the mutant Wolverine. It’s unlikely Fox will retire the character after given he’s one of the most popular characters in their X-Men franchise, as well as acting as the audience surrogate.

Unsurprisingly, this has led people to speculate wildly on who they think should play the clawed hero next.

Now Jackman has voiced his own pick in an interview with MTV: Mad Max: Fury Road star Tom Hardy. Watch the clip below!

Certainly Hardy has the physique and acting chops for the role. He was fantastic in Mad Max and while The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t exactly a great movie, people do remember him as Bane.

There’s no knowing whether or not Hardy actually has any interest in the role, but an endorsement from Jackman himself is a great boost!

Hugh Jackman’s last romp as Wolverine is set to be in 2017. The next X-Men film is X-Men: Apocaylpse, set to hit theaters on May 27, 2016 (unless you count Deadpool in February, of course!).

What do you think of Tom Hardy as Wolverine? What kind of story would you want to see with him in the role? Let us know!

Hugh Jackman Thinks Tom Hardy Could Play Wolverine



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