Entertainment Earth Exclusive Pinhead Mezco Toyz Living Dead Doll

Entertainment Earth Hellraiser Exclusive

Mezco has blown us away before with their line of amazing Living Dead Dolls, but this exclusive is beyond compare. Arriving straight from the darkest reaches of the Underworld, Pinhead is back and better looking than ever. Mezco Toyz’s Living Dead Dolls Hellraiser Pinhead Red Variant, an Entertainment Earth Exclusive, is a doll that is full of shock and awe.

The doll has the perfect balance of an innocent medium, mixed with a disturbing message. The overall aesthetic ends up being nothing short of unsettling to any viewer. The doll is full of film-accurate details, bringing the Hellraiser himself to life, but through the apparatus of an innocent, baby’s plaything; it’ll send a chill up your spine. There’s a tremendous attention to detail, as Pinhead’s piercings and pain can be so clearly observed. Dangling from his robes, a collection of hooks, blades, and other assorted playthings hang in despair.

If this collector’s variant exclusive doesn’t get to you, there’s something else you should know: randomly packaged throughout this short run is a blood-spattered chase figure. This chase figure can really haunt your dreams and amp up your nightmares.

Standing just 10-inches tall, you’ll swear this doll’s presence towers over others much bigger. Make this absolutely unholy addition to your collection and you will create a new definition of horror for everyone who sees it. Pre-order this Entertainment Earth exclusive on the website today!

Living Dead Doll Hellraiser Pinhead Exclusive



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