Even Superheroes Can Be Culinary Masters

DC Comics Aprons

Even superheroes need to protect their super-suits from kitchen catastrophes! Don’t let your super-suit get coated with flour or dripping with oil, utilize the DC Comics Be the Character Aprons when you embark on esculent adventures!

These fun aprons let you become your favorite heroes with flair. Made from polyester, the aprons are one suit fits most and will certainly be a hit among comic-lovers everywhere.

Show off your rippling muscles with the Green Lantern, Batman, Flash, and Superman aprons. Each showcases its respective superhero costume – bright colors, solid abs, and all.

Fans of female superheroes will be impressed by the detail shown in the Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman aprons. Batgirl features the yellow bat and utility belt. Supergirl’s bright skirt seems to flow in the breeze. And what Wonder Woman is ever complete without her handy Lasso of Truth?

Become a culinary superpower when you don one of these aprons, currently available at Entertainment Earth where in stock order above $79 receives free shipping!

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