3 Things You Didn’t Know about Incredibles 2’s Screenslaver

This article contains spoilers for Incredibles 2.

It’s been ten years since we last saw the superhero family, The Incredibles, take the screen in their first Disney/Pixar film. The long-awaited sequel is finally here and while all of our favorite characters are back, we’re also guaranteed to meet a brand-new villain for them to battle. This time around we get the shadowy and ominous figure called the Screenslaver – but what do we really know about him/her? Let’s cover a few things to help prepare to match wits with the Screenslaver.

Hypnotic Powers and Abilities

Incredibles 2 Screenslaver Power

Source: Disney/Pixar

The name invokes many frightening thoughts and gives us our first clue as to who the character actually is and what his/her intentions might actually be for the innocent people of New Urbrem. The Screenslaver has the ability to control people through their screens. Touching a bit on today’s society and the need to always be viewing a screen (or several) while we ride the train, watch television, or even deliver pizza. Screens are everywhere and the Screenslaver uses this to his/her advantage by brainwashing innocent civilians with advanced hypnotic powers.

Incredibles 2 Villain – Screenslaver’s Identity

Incredibles 2 Deavor

Source: Disney/Pixar

The biggest surprise is the actual identity of the Screenslaver. When Elastigirl first captures the Screenslaver, she has her doubts, and as an audience so do we. After discovering her victory over the Screenslaver was just a clever ruse, the captured Screenslaver was just an ordinary pizza guy under the control of the real Screenslaver, Elastigirl becomes a slave herself. The real Screenslaver was Evelyn Deavor all along. Elastigirl learns that the sister of Winston Deavor, the man responsible for Elastigirl’s new job and her family’s home, was being used as part of the Screenslaver’s master plan. It turns out that Screenslaver wants to make sure that the law against supers stays in place and that it remains illegal for supers to fight crime forever. Evelyn blames the supers for her father’s death, as he was a supporter and friend of supers when he was alive and she used her brother’s plan to enact a plot of her own.

A Dark Superhero Villain

Incredibles 2 Superheros

Source: Disney/Pixar

Screenslaver is definitely one of Pixar’s more imposing and darker characters to date, even just with the name Screenslaver. Her motives are very clear, and her intentions are self-serving and evil, as you’d want in a good villain. Screenslaver is a fine addition to the ever-growing list of female villains and superheroes taking the comic book film genre by storm and she poses a real threat to The Incredibles and isn’t just another throwaway bad guy…or girl in this case.



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