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Introducing the Future of Law Enforcement: ED-209

Director Paul Verhoeven knows how to create movies that ride the line between being social commentary and big blockbuster action flicks. Verhoeven’s RoboCop is his most popular film showcasing this technique masterfully; it’s both a subversive cult classic and a well-liked action movie.

Within the film, its satirical look at ultra-violence and commercialization of law enforcement are personified in Omni Consumer Products’ military-grade walker droid, ED-209.

Standing nearly 10-inches tall in scale with other 7-inch RoboCop figures, this ED-209 Deluxe Action Figure is fully poseable (even including a pop-out rocket launcher on the right arm) and features astonishing screen-accurate detail.

ED-209 also includes sound effects and dialogue, and it comes in deluxe closed-box packaging featuring original illustrations and product images highlighting key features.

Don’t miss out on this truly remarkable ED-209! This figure is limited to one production run only, so pre-order from Entertainment Earth today!




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