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Iron Fossil and Knight Fossil Battleship Figures bring Dariusburst Home!


The off-beat sci-fi video game Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours is a shoot-em-up game at an insane pace. This is the kind of action that is so involving as to be overwhelming. What makes the game really work, though, is the fantastic, elaborate design that mixes the aesthetics of science fiction with ancient oceanic creatures.

Freeing Video Games brings Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours to life in a whole new light with this astounding Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours Iron Fossil Figma Figure. The giant Iron Fossil battleship comes straight out of the game and into your home. Measuring about 13-inches long and made with details pulled directly off of the game, this is one figure that fans can’t afford to be without. All 32 scales covering this giant, fishlike creature move and the six-part main body means that you can replicate a swimming motion with this huge figure.

This Knight Fossil figure is absolutely arresting as well. With an amazing 35 figma joints, this is the most complex and intricate Figma figure yet created. This figure wouldn’t work if it didn’t seamlessly replicate the twisting, turning, swimming motion that the battleship uses in the game, so special attention was given to make sure that the articulation is perfect. It also comes packed with figure stand and an unpainted Silver Hawk Burst Legend player ship. The Iron Fossil makes the leap to the third dimension and is able to be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth!

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