BREAKING: Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast Collectibles Revealed!

Maiden Collectibles, a subsidiary of Iron Maiden Holdings, has announced a range of high-quality toys and collectibles that appeal to music fans, gamers, and collectors of all ages. These items include blind-boxed mini-figures, vinyl figures in window-box packaging, key chains, jewelry like lapel pins and necklaces, and other collectible merchandise that are a perfect addition to any Iron Maiden collection.

Based on the band’s hit mobile role-playing game, Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, these brand new collectibles bring all the iterations of Maiden’s iconic mascot, Eddie, into the real world. The best part? All of these items are available for pre-order right now!

Collect Rare Mini-Figure Souls

Travel through time and space by collecting all of the characters in this Iron Maiden Mini-Figures Blind Box Wave 1 Case. You have the chance to create your own legion by collecting:

  • Clairvoyant
  • Cyborg
  • Goddess Aset
  • Holy Smokes
  • Owl Cultist
  • Pharaoh
  • Rainmaker
  • Reaper
  • Samurai
  • Soulless Demon
  • Speed of Light
  • Wicker Boss

With the Iron Maiden Mini-Figures Blind Box Wave 1 Case 3-pack you can really test your luck with three chances to assemble the same list of corrupted creatures.

Give ‘Em Ed

Not looking to try your luck? Check out these vinyl figures of Eddie in these iconic outfits inspired by the mobile game.

  • Trooper Eddie features the anti-hero holding a sword in his right hand and a torn British flag in his left. Dressed like a soldier, he’s ready for the battlefield.
  • No vampire stands a chance with Vampire Hunter Eddie holding his stake and mallet. His menacing smile, windswept cape, and hair will even send chills down the spines of the Transylvanian undead.
  • Traveling back in time to the Mayan underworld this Shaman Eddie is ready for a sacrifice. He stands, holding a bloody dagger and bleeding heart.

Keychains of the Damned

Bring darkness everywhere you go with these keychains featuring the many faces of the otherworldly Eddie.

From Here to Pin-ternity

These pin sets are the ultimate sign of devotion. Show off your metal style no matter where you are! There are three pin sets that include 2 pins each that are about 2-inches tall.

There are also four individual label pins that include:

  • Vampire Hunter Eddie emerging from a coffin screaming with a bloody stake and mallet in hand.
  • Shown on a square bright green circuit board Cyborg Eddie is ready for the future of darkness.
  • Reaper Eddie from head to toe standing draped in his long dark overcoat and scythe as cool as can be.
  • Let him who hath understanding reckon The Beast pin.

Finally, if you are really looking to spruce up your fashion style this Beast Emblem Necklace will solidify your dedication to darkness. It’s made of steel and features the Iron Maiden emblem measuring about 3-inches in length.

All of these demonic items are available for pre-sale first exclusively here! They are all expected to ship in October so you’ll be ready for any otherworldly spirits that come to challenge you during the spookiest month of the year.

Which item are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments! Up the irons!



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