IT’s a New Take on Pennywise the Dancing Clown

Fear never sleeps, never dies, and wears many faces. For many, Tim Curry’s take on the most killer of clowns, the devilish Pennywise Stephen King’s immortal IT, will never be topped.

But let’s give Bill Skarsgard a chance to make his own mark on the malicious monster – after all, judging by the footage of the new remake, the new Pennywise will be plenty horrific.

In true Funko fashion, a Pop! version is already on the way. The Stephen King’s IT Pennywise Clown Pop! features the creepy clown in his re-designed ruffled costume and oversized shoes, a killer buck-toothed grin on his white- and red-painted face beneath some seriously unsettling green eyes. In one hand is poor little Georgie’s fatal paper boat.

As an added bonus, there is also a more sepia-toned variation that will be randomly inserted into the run, so there’s no telling which version of Pennywise you’ll get! No matter what face he wears, this embodiment of childhood terror will be arriving in stock this September, so be sure to order now – and keep an eye out for any floating balloons…



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