Become a James Bond Collecting Mastermind with These Amazing Prop Replicas

“Counter-intelligence. Terrorism. Revenge. Extortion.”

In Dr. No (1962), the first James Bond movie from EON Productions, the title character told Agent 007 these things were the “four great cornerstones of power.” They’re all in a day’s work for SPECTRE, the insidious criminal enterprise dedicated to world domination.

Now, with a series of sophisticated James Bond movie prop replicas from Factory Entertainment, you can own a piece of cinema’s most famous super spy’s fight against an enemy that spans the globe, not to mention the more than 50 years of the film franchise.

Ring of the Crime Lords

No self-respecting criminal mastermind strokes a white-haired Persian cat without wearing the SPECTRE ring!

A large golden ring adorned with a creepy-looking octopus might not be the subtlest form of ID for an underground criminal organization to use. But at least the James Bond Thunderball SPECTRE Agent Ring Limited Edition Prop Replica lets you be upfront about your intentions to bring everything and everyone under your grip!

The ring Ernst Stavro Blofeld and his baddies wear has undergone several changes during the Bond films. This exquisite piece presents the ring as seen in Thunderball (1965).

The screen-accurate, size 11 ring is handcrafted in 14K yellow gold over solid sterling silver. An inlay of polished rhodium over black enamel creates the SPECTRE octopus insignia – here with eight tentacles, as opposed to the four or seven it sports in other variations. A layer of clear enamel protects the ring’s surface from scratches, letting you wear proof of your mastermind megalomania with confidence!

Like SPECTRE’s success against James Bond, however, this ring is extremely limited. Only 500 pieces, each presented in a gift box with a Certificate of Authenticity, are available worldwide.

Not even threatening to blow up Miami with a stolen atom bomb will get you a ring once they’re gone, so pre-order your James Bond Thunderball SPECTRE Agent Ring Limited Edition Prop Replica while you can!

Don’t Let Bond Pin You Down!

Rings aren’t your thing?

Say what you will about the members of Quantum, the shadowy cabal Bond takes on in Casino Royale (2006) and Quantum of Solace (2008). At least they know the value of discretion when it comes to their “bling.”

The James Bond Quantum of Solace Q Pin Limited Edition Prop Replica recreates the small, silver letter “Q” the organization’s amoral and avaricious members wear to (silently) proclaim their loyalty. (The shape may also suggest the fact Quantum is itself only one “tentacle” of SPECTRE.)

An exact 1:1 scale replica copied directly from the pins seen in Daniel Craig’s Bond films, this pin, which measures 1/2-inch tall and 3/4-inch wide, is solid .925 Sterling silver with an extra-long shaft and military clutch back.

Housed in a 007-branded box, the James Bond Quantum of Solace Q Pin Limited Edition Prop Replica will be as hard to track down as Quantum members themselves, since it’s only available in a limited edition of 300 pieces worldwide. Be sure to pre-order yours today!

Raise Some Cane

If you’d rather carry yourself with the suave swagger of Agent 007 himself, don’t miss the James Bond SPECTRE Day of The Dead Skull Cane Limited Edition Prop Replica and James Bond SPECTRE Day Of The Dead Mask Limited Edition Prop Replica from Factory Entertainment.

This elegant piece doesn’t replicate the cane Bond carries as part of his skeleton tuxedo outfit during the fabulous, four-minute tracking shot at the beginning of Spectre (2015). Rather, it reproduces the cane Bond briefly “borrows” from a Día de Muertos reveler in Mexico City’s Zócalo to bring down a SPECTRE henchman – which makes it a striking accessory all the same.

Naturally, we don’t recommend you go hunting down bad guys with your Day of the Dead Mask or Skull Cane Prop Replica. But brandishing them at your next masquerade or displaying them proudly in your collection of James Bond memorabilia can still be a knockout move!

Handsomely presented, both replicas limited to only 500 pieces worldwide (each with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity) and will prove every bit as elusive as any shadowy criminal mastermind, so pre-order your Factory Entertainment James Bond items now!



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