James Cameron Announces Four Avatar Sequels, Because He Can

There’s been a lot of great information coming out of CinemaCon this week.

And then there’s the news James Cameron dropped: there won’t be three sequels to Avatar, but four, and the first will hit in 2018, with the rest coming in two year increments, always around the holiday season.

Because, uh, Cameron said so.

The other piece of information to go along with this announcement is that each film will be a stand-alone story, but all five movies put together will creative one massive narrative.

Truly, though, the only thing Avatar is remembered for is making a lot of money. Which is great according to the studio execs in Hollywood, but not so great for anyone else. It’s no longer relevant, it left the cultural conversation not long after it hit theaters, and even with Disney World’s Avatar Land, I don’t think this is going to become a franchise that can last the test of time.

Plus it’s hard to say whether or not they even will happen. Cameron has been talking about these sequels for a long time now, with nothing tangible to back him up.

But if they do happen, how do you guys feel about four more Avatar films? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Birth.Movies.Death.



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