Jeffrey Dean Morgan Lands Pivotal Role for Seasons 6 and 7 of The Walking Dead

Last season, The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln told The Hollywood Reporter “there are astonishingly brilliant and thrilling characters that I am convinced we would be idiots not to meet in our journey; I would be very surprised if we don’t see Negan on the horizon in the not-too-distant future.”

Now it’s finally coming true!

The violent villain Negan has officially been cast and Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be the one to play him.

First introduced in the 100th issue of Robert Kirkman’s comic series, he became the big bad when he killed Glenn (whose TV fate is still undecided) with “Lucille,” a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. He’s still alive as of issue #145.

A lot of names popped up in the casting process of Negan, but Morgan landed the role and I think he’s a great choice. He’s done violent and villainous before and he has the physique and dastardly roughness to pull off a character who “makes David Morrissey’s Governor look like a fluffy bunny.”

Fans have been upset over the series possibly changing Glenn’s death. Does casting Negan confirm Glenn isn’t actually dead?

“That’s one of those questions that, any way that I answer, could spoil five different parts of the story,” Scott M. Gimple, the showrunner said. “But I hope to show you. We will be showing it. You will be learning the answer to that question as you watch. If I were to answer it now, I would wind up revealing all sorts of stuff from different directions. The lame way of saying it is: You’ll have to see.”

Negan is set to appear in the Season 6 finale and then become a series regular in Season 7.

The Walking Dead currently airs Sunday at 9 pm on AMC.

Are you excited to see Negan? Do you think Jeffrey Dean Morgan will do well in the role? And does this mean Glenn’s alive? Sound off in the comments!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter



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