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Jena Malone to Play Robin in Batman vs Superman

Jenna Malone Robin

Is Jena Malone the new Robin?

A local news station in Detroit, Michigan reported that the Robin character in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice will be played by a female, after speaking to an extra who was on set at Michigan State University.

Jena Malone will reportedly be playing Carrie Kelley, the female Robin, in the film. Malone has been seen on set at Warner Bros. and is sporting red hair, much like Carrie Kelly.

Carrie KellyWith the film loosely inspired by Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, it’s not surprising that Carrie Kelley – the female Robin – would make an appearance. And with Malone’s acting chops and previous experience with Snyder, she makes the right choice for Kelley.

All previous iterations of the Bat’s sidekick were played by men so it’s huge that we might finally be seeing a female Robin. This news comes shortly after DC Entertainment unveiled its film slate through 2020.

Warner Bros. declined to comment on this news but the anonymous extra who spoke to WILX-10 News faced a hefty $5 million fine after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

In the comics, Carrie Kelley is saved by an elder Batman and spurred to wear a Robin costume in an attempt to find Batman again. She becomes Robin III by earning the right to fight along him. Kelley first appears in The Dark Knight Returns and Kelley later takes up the mantle ‘Catgirl.’

What do you think of Carrie Kelley joining the team as the new Robin? Would you cast Jena Malone as Robin? Tell us in the comments!

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