Alter Your Own Reality with These Rick and Morty 12 and 10-Inch Plush

Ricky and Morty Plush

Which inter-dimensional world are you from? When you were little, was it spelled “Berenstain Bears” or “Berenstein Bears?” No matter which side of the space-time divide you come from, you can have an alternate reality companion with these Rick and Morty 12 and 10-Inch Plush Dolls. Just hope you don’t have to bury your own corpse and take your place in the new world.

Rick, the alcoholic scientist, looks perfectly insane as a plush doll. He is a cartoon come to life, with his crazed, mad-scientist hair sprawling out in every direction. He may have to eat breakfast a few yards away from where he buried his own alternate-universe body, but at least he’s a survivor. Like so many scientists, he got way more than he bargained for with his experiments.

One of the things that Rick didn’t bargain for is his grandson, Morty. As a plush doll, Morty looks harried and distressed, no doubt by one of Rick’s ethically questionable answers to a problem he created. Are they fleeing a destroyed universe for a new one that is mostly in tact? Are they misleading alternate-universe family members, exploiting their feelings and trust? While good-hearted, Morty can often be a dose of reality Rick would rather not have around.

These plush dolls perfectly embody the Adult Swim cartoon, Rick and Morty. You can cuddle your favorite character at night, that way, no matter what universe you end up in, you’ll have a companion you can trust. Order your Rick and Morty 12 and 10-Inch Plush Doll today at!

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Rick and Morty Plush

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Ricky and Morty Plush



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