Jose Garcia Lopez Catwoman Immortalized in New Tweeterhead Maquette Statue

The new DC Super Powers Catwoman Maquette is a blast from the past with her classic purple and green outfit. Her pinup style is inspired from one of the most legendary comic book artists that has ever worked for DC Comics – none other than Jose Garcia Lopez. Chances are that you may not recognize the name, but if you have ever bought a piece of DC merchandise, you’re definitely aware of his iconic style. He was responsible for DC’s style guide, which set the tone for what most of us would consider DC characters modern day stylizations, including their brilliant colors. Lopez recently came out of retirement to work on a few variant covers for DC, bringing this version of Catwoman back and inspired Tweeterhead to create a truly magnificent statue that true Catwoman fans need to add to their collection.

Tweeterhead didn’t skimp on the details for this statue. Starting from the base, Catwoman is standing atop a rooftop with a lion head that looks like something you’d see on the corner of a Gotham bank building. Nestled just underneath her legs is an opened bag filled with coins, emeralds, diamonds, and a golden cat adorned with its own jewels. Just underneath that is a “Wanted” poster that adds a nice touch.

All of these small details add another level to the statue overall and really make the stunning sculpt of Catwoman pop. She’s absolutely exquisite. She looks ready to pounce standing strong with her hands holding her whip and one leg on the lion’s head. This also gives her the look of a superhero with a real attitude. That “don’t mess with me” kind of feel, which is accentuated by her facial expression as she stares majestically off into the distance.

Then there’s her amazing paint app. Her colors play right into Lopez’s original art style. The deep purple in her outfit is very specific and looks great against the green of her cape and belt. It is all very reminiscent of her original introduction in the 1940s. Plus, her skin tone is super realistic. 

Overall she is truly stunning. She stands about 16-inches tall from base to the tip of her cowl you won’t want to miss adding this statue to your collection. She is a statement piece that will bring a sense of attitude and confidence that deserves to be shown off. Pre-order your DC Super Powers Catwoman Maquette Statue today before she slips away into the night!



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