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Donning Human Skulls and a Pterosaur, Judge Death Reigns

Judge Death

The verdict is in: all crime is committed by the living so the only solution is to outlaw life itself. Enforce the law that outlaws life with the 2000 AD Judge Death One:12 Scale Action Figure.

This One:12 scale stands over 6 1/2-inches tall and is fully poseable. Let Judge Death stand in ominous positions or watch him cackle. The plastic Judge Death One:12 scale action figure utilizes a highly detailed sculpt and real fabric cloth outfit as seen in the 2000 AD comics!

Judge Death features a modified version of a Judge’s helmet, through which you can see a sharp-toothed grin. Bones adorn his ensemble, including a human skull with bat wings for his belt buckle. His skeletal hands and feet reach out like claws. A pterosaur sits on his right shoulder, replacing Judge Dredd’s usual eagle.

Created by John Wagner, Alan Grant, and Brian Bolland, Judge Death is a twisted version of Judge Dredd from a dimension where all life is a crime and death is the only solution.

Judge Death is currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth and is
slated for arrival in July 2015.

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