Beautiful and Terrifying Jurassic Park Velociraptor 1:1 Scale Bust


So, here’s the thing about velociraptors – they’re terrifying and they look nothing like they do in the Jurassic Park franchise, but that’s a conversation for another day. Yes, I know that was two things, I’m very distracted by this 1:1 SCALE VELOCIRAPTOR HEAD, OKAY?!

Anyway, back to it! Terrifying. The movie versions of these creatures are an actual nightmare. They run crazy fast, they’re crazy smart, they’ve got both murder talons and a mouth full of razors, and best of all, they work in packs.

This movie franchise has been with me my whole life and so has my love of dinosaurs. I spent my entire life both enamored and terrified of these creatures. Then, Jurassic World comes along and is like “Oh hey, you know those things that we’ve made you terrified of for always? We’re gonna make you care about them. Haha, HAVE FUN!”

Rude, Colin Trevarrow. Rude.

Whether you have a healthy respect and fear for the Jurassic Park version of velociraptors, or want to take one home so you can become the alpha of your very own raptor squad, this clever girl would make a perfect addition to your home. Where her real-life counterparts are much smaller, and feathered, this lovely lady’s bust stands at about 30 inches tall. You can add her to your collection in July of 2017!

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