Jurassic World Owen and Blue Statue


The Jurassic Park franchise has been one of my favorites since I was a child. It immerses you into a fantasy world with such deep characters. But as in most stories, the franchise has to have an antagonist. Someone or something so nefarious or terrifying that it sticks with you just as closely as your fandom does. For me, those villains were always the raptors. Are they anything like real raptors? No. Are they clever, fast, deadly, and thus completely terrifying? You bet your britches.

And occasionally later movies in a franchise will turn what is expected or what you’ve learned from previous films on its head. Queue Jurassic World marching in to the party and going “Hey, you know these raptors you’re horrified of? You’ll be emotionally attached from now on. Have fun!”

You’d think that such an attempt wouldn’t work, but here I am, in love with the raptors of Owen Grady’s little pack. The story of him imprinting on the raptors at birth may be completely far-fetched to some, but we’re talking about the franchise that set a T-Rex loose in San Diego. Just enjoy the ride, y’all.

If you adore Owen and his girl Blue as much as I do, you’ll be excited to know that you can now take the unlikely pair home with you. This 1:19 statue captures the sassy Blue and gruff but humorous Owen perfectly. The 3D sculpt appropriately has Owen as the Alpha in front, and Blue as the Beta behind. In total it stands about 8 inches tall and 12 inches wide, and would accompany the rest of the dinosaur friends on your mantle perfectly!

Make sure to pre-order this Jurassic World statue before it goes extinct.




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