You’re Gonna Hear The Very Best With These Pokémon Headphones!

Pokemon Headphones/Earbuds

With the release of Pokémon Go, trainers around the world are finally getting the chance to live their dream! A totally immersive experience, the game is finally bringing our beloved pocket monsters into the real world, and unfortunately the real world is noisy. Who wants to hear loud traffic rushing by they become the new gym leader, or bad mall music as they capture a Bulbasaur?

Enter these awesome Pokémon headphones and earbuds! New from Kiddesigns, each model features noise cancellation technology to help drown out reality and get back in the game!

Perfect for long treks searching for Squirtle or just listening to music on a long commute, the red and black Pokemon Headphone Earbuds feature a tiny Pokeball design on the outside. Interchangeable ear cushions ensure a perfect fit, and the bright travel pouch ensures you’ll never lose them in your bag!

Larger headband-style headphones are also available for when you really need to block out the world! Both feature an adjustable headband, soft ear covers, and a classic Pokeball design over the ears. The Pokemon Stereo Headband Headphones have a built-in volume limited for little ears, and the “grown up” Pokemon Adjustable Headband Headphones have an in-line microphone so you can chat with friends and hunt Charizard at the same time!

These amazing headphones arrive at Entertainment Earth in October, so don’t wait to catch ’em all, pre-order yours today!

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Pokemon Headphone Earbuds

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Pokemon Adjustable Headband Headphones

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