Leave Everything to Powdered Toast Man!

The ’90s were full of amazing animated shows and most of them lived on Nickelodeon. One of the most popular was The Ren & Stimpy Show. While they captivated the hearts and minds of children everywhere, the spokesperson for their favorite breakfast treat was Powdered Toast Man. He could fly using the force of being ejected from a toaster (or passing gas). Most of all, he protects Little Johnny! But now you can have him protect your favorite kidrobot collectibles!

Here is your very own Powdered Toast Man vinyl figure. Standing 8-inches tall he’s ready for action! Recreated perfectly from the cartoons, you’ll be jealous you don’t have a pair of underpants as nice as his.

Leave everything to him, and get your own figure now before Ren and Stimpy buy them all. Besides, how else will you get extra powdered toast if not from Powdered Toast Man himself?



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