Kidrobot Lets You Play with Your Food


Finally, food you’re allowed to play with! The Yummy World line from Kidrobot will feed your appetite for all things edible… in plush form. Ever loved a food so much you wanted to hug it?  Well, now you can!


Yummy World Cheese Puff X-Large Plush

Arnold & The Puffs pack 24 inches of cheesy puff punch, and this bag of everyone’s favorite crunchy cheesy snack comes stuffed with individual plush puffs you can hug, throw, or squish. The only thing you can’t do is eat them.


YUMMY World Frankie Fries 16-Inch Plush
Would you like to supersize that? Cuddle up with Frankie Fries with no fear of grease burns, cause this guy is nothing but snuggly. The YUMMY World Frankie Fries is a 16-inch plush, and best yet – the fries are removable!


Yummy World Bobby Bagel Medium Plush

Or maybe you enjoy a healthier alternative, like a bagel. Because now you can cozy up to Bobby Bagel! Made from super-soft plush, this Yummy World Bobby Bagel Medium Plush is an ideal addition to any Sunday morning spread, or maybe just an early morning hug!


Yummy World Sandy Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich Large Plush
If you love ice cream, and long for a tasty treat that won’t melt, then check out Sandy Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwich! At 16-inches tall, she is one large ice cream treat. Enjoy the comfort food you can cuddle, or even talk to – we won’t judge.


Yummy World Rose Cake Large Plush
Have your cake and eat it too. And no need to worry about calories. Rose Cake is moving in to join the Yummy World large plush line as a bigger-than-life character, standing 16-inches tall and made from super-soft plush. Help yourself to a big piece of cake today!



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