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Breaking: Images of New Batman v Superman Collectibles Hit the Web

Kids Logic Batman v Superman Figures

Kids Logic, maker of fine toys and collectibles, has recently announced a line of new figures from the emerging DC cinematic universe. What we are seeing is, evidently, a three-figure set tied in to the new movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The highly stylized figures are of Batman, Superman, and Armored Batman.

The Batman is classic Batman, as he appears, we assume, in the early part of the new film. This figure is between nine and ten centimeters tall and is highly detailed, showing a black and grey configuration of the classic Batman costume.

Kids Logic Batman Figure

The Superman figure is also between nine and ten centimeters tall, and features the textured Superman costume seen in the new movie. The face and head are enlarged beyond scale, as in many other Kids Logic collectible toy lines, giving a highly recognizable caricature-like face of the Man of Steel.

Kids Logic Superman Figure

The last of the three figures is, without a doubt, the most sensational: the Armored Batman figure. The armor is very detailed, showing the scrapes and scars that the molded steel has taken in battle. Despite being rattled up, Batman’s face and demeanor show no signs of giving in. In fact, the figure has light-up eyes, just like those seen in the new movie.

Kids Logic Batman Armored Figure

These figures exemplify the highly stylized fun and excitement of other Kid Logic toys and collectibles. As details emerge, Entertainment Earth News will be sure to continue to share them with you!



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