Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Gets North American Release in Two Days

It’s exhausting being a Kingdom Hearts fan, but for those of us in North America, I’ve got some good news!

On April 7 (in two days!), Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ (a remake of Kingdom Hearts χ for the PC) will be released on Android and iOS devices. Two days.

For those unfamiliar with the original PC game, in an interview with Square Enix, director Tetsuya Nomura explains this game takes place at the beginning of the series, “during an era before the Keyblade War.”

It’s a good place for new fans to jump in, he says:

“I would love for people who have not yet played KINGDOM HEARTS to take this opportunity to casually jump right in with a blank slate. And of course for our fans, you can approach and play this KINGDOM HEARTS in any way you like, so through collecting medals of your favorite characters, collecting costumes, and moreover becoming a part of the KINGDOM HEARTS world and experiencing the enjoyment of weaving your own story that leads to one of the biggest mysteries in the series, which is the Keyblade War, I hope you can further enjoy the upcoming release of KINGDOM HEARTS Ⅱ.8 and KINGDOM HEARTS Ⅲ, as well as the KINGDOM HEARTS that will continue beyond that.”

Speaking of Kingdom Hearts II.8, which was revealed in September, these two games are linked.

This new game, KH (Unchained) χ, is the player’s perspective, while Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, is a new, one-hour cinematic experience that will give fans the POV of “the Foretellers, who gather the Keyblade Wielders.”

Just like KH χ, Unchained will have the Chirithy, cat-like creatures who help navigate the player. There is also only one new world, “Daybreak Town,” the home town of the player, similar to Twilight Town.

Nomura says one of the new aspects of the game is “playing live,” which is different from previous Kingdom Hearts titles.

This video games series is one of my favorites, but it’s admittedly one of the most confusing. I never played the PC version, so I’m looking forward to this mobile version, and to be able to start from the beginning and learn more about these Keyblade-wielding Foretellers.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ comes out in two days on Android and iOS devices.

Are you looking forward to this game? Did you play Kingdom Hearts χ? Let us know below!

Source: Square Enix Blog



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