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New Kinnikuman Figures Fight for the Throne

Kinnikuman, the ultra popular manga, spawned a world of action in the 80s. The story of a wrestling tournament for the title of Prince of the Planet, the outrageous characters were memorable in every way. Selling over 70 million copies in Japan, an anime series soon followed, and then the extraordinary world of Kinkeshi, a miniature line of action figures that hit North America as M.U.S.C.L.E. In the world of wrestling fantasy, Kinnikuman is truly the Prince of the Planet.

Now you can collect Kinnikuman action figures that are anything but miniature. The new Kinnikuman Brocken Jr. Original Color Ed. SH Figuratrs Action Figure brings the legendary baddie to life in a way like never before. Standing at 6-inches tall and fully poseable, this is the Kinnikuman figure you’ve always dreamed of. With outstanding costuming details, two facial expressions and three optional sets of hands, the action is limitless.

Or check out the Kinnikuman Ashuraman Original Color Ed. SH Figurarts Action Figure to have your mind really blown. This realistic figure brings the prince of the Demon Realm to Earth in an unthinkable way. STanding at 6-inches tall, this figure is accurate to the manga and anime, bringing all six arms to life. With three optional facial expressions and an outrageous three sets of hands (and he had plenty to begin with!), you will be blown away by the possibilities.

Kinnikuman fandom is alive and well, and we’ve found two of the coolest ways to express your love for the superhuman wrestling world. These high quality figures by Bandai are the perfect way to collect Kinnikuman figures in the 21st Century. Pre-order yours today at Entertainment Earth!



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