These KISS Statues are Hotter Than Hell!

No band has captured the exciting nature of pop culture quite like KISS. With their over the top attitudes and hard rocking style, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the illusion that they present. With their costumes, makeup, and legendary prowess, it’s no wonder that KISS is one of the most beloved bands in the collecting world. You don’t “Got To Choose,” who’s your favorite member with these KISS Hotter Thank Hell Iconz Statues!

The party starts with this KISS Hotter Than Hell Gene Simmons Rock Iconz Statue. Also known as The Demon, Simmons is the bassist of the band and carries a lot of the personality on his shoulders. Simmons is also known for his rather gigantic tongue that was always on display during stage shows.

Keep the party going with this KISS Hotter Than Hell Ace Frehley Rock Iconz Statue. Frehley wrote a good deal of the KISS catalog. But what he’s really known for is his unbelievable shredding as lead guitarist. This statue shows the unmistakable likeness of Frehley’s Les Paul as he pulls off licks you can hardly imagine.

The Starchild joins the party, as well, with this KISS Hotter Than Hell Paul Stanley Rock Iconz Statue. With this unmistakable makeup job, Stanley really stands out, even in this crowd. Sporting an outrageous Gibson Flying V guitar, the spirit of the band is alive and well in this statue.

The Catman takes up the drums in this KISS Hotter Than Hell Peter Criss Rock Iconz Statue. The legendary drummer who was willing to do anything to make it comes to life in this statue. Sporting his Cartman makeup and standing over the band’s bass drum, this is no doubt the centerpiece of the collection.

These statues are each created by a team of highly skilled artists. They have sculpted unbelievable likenesses of the band members in their prime. They are cast in polyresin and hand-painted in fine detail. Best yet, these statues are limited editions, with each one only having 3,000 pieces made! If you’re hoping to add them to your collection, you will have to pre-order today from Entertainment Earth!



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