Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Heroes Battle in the Form of ArtFX+ Statues


Civil liberties are being trampled on and there’s only one hero who can put a hault to it! Who will it be – Son of Krypton or Bat of Gotham?

The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel are coming in hot with Kotobukiya’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman ArtFX+ Statue and Batman ArtFX+ Statue!

These ArtFX+ statues feature Batman and Superman all geared up in the midst of the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world! The statues are sold separately, allowing them to be displayed independently, or you have the option of combining the statues at the base to replicate the epic battle scene that everyone is waiting for.

Their dynamic poses capture Superman midflight, right arm raised to deliver a devastating blow while Batman is captured blocking the blow with his left arm and raising his right as he readies a punch, all while wearing an armored battle suit. The details in their physique and costumes bring these 1:10 scale statues to life. Made of PVC and ABS, both statues come in a closed box and are ready to be displayed on shelves everywhere!

Whether you’re team Batman or team Superman – you’ll want to own both of these statues to create this epic battle scene! These incredible statues are currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth with an expected arrival of June 2016.

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» pre-Order Batman v superman: dawn of justice batman artfx+ statue

» pre-Order Batman v superman: dawn of justice superman artfx+ statue



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