It’s Time to Duel With Kotobukiya’s Yu-Gi-Oh! Statues

Yu-Gi-Oh! ArtFX Statues

Bring your Yu-Gi-Oh! collection into the third dimension with these new ArtFX Statues from Kotobukiya! Yami Yugi and his signature card, the Dark Magician have been added to the ArtFX J Series line-up!

Both statues are in 1:7 scale, with Yugi standing at 9½ inches tall and the Dark Magician at 12 inches tall. Yugi also comes with a Duel Disk and his jacket, allowing for a variety of posing options. While Yugi stands on a plain rocky base, Dark Magician rises out of a magical seal, ready to do battle. However, if you want to keep them mint, they come in a window box for display.

These statues are available for pre-order from the Entertainment Earth store now, and when you order the Dark Magician you will receive free shipping!


» PRE-ORDER Yu-Gi-Oh! Yami Yugi ArtFX J Statue

Yami Yugi Statue

» PRE-ORDER Yu-Gi-Oh! Black Magician ArtFX J Statue

Black Magician Statue



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