Krampus Knows When You’ve Been Naughty

Krampus by Scott Tolleson Brown Colorway 5-Inch Dunny Vinyl Figure

Everyone knows good boys and girls get to look forward to a visit from Santa Claus every Christmas. But what about those on the naughty list?

Nothing so tame as coal in your stocking; no, if you’ve been truly bad, you’ll have to face the horned, hooved, and very hairy Krampus. Armed with a bundle of birch branches (for smacking) and a basket on his back (for carrying away the really nasty kids), Krampus will jangle his rusty chains and make a face Gene Simmons would envy.

Scott Tolleson has designed this Krampus Brown Colorway 5-Inch Dunny with all of those classic folktales in mind. Included with the fearsome holiday beast are his signature chains, birch branches, and even a wee Dunny boy, appropriately frightened by his fearsome visage.

This highly collectible Dunny figure is limited to a mere 800 pieces worldwide and will disappear quickly, so pre-order yours now—and prepare for the next Krampusnacht…



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