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Edit: The official trailer has now been released, we have updated the post with the official one.

Set to Heroes by David Bowie, the Season 5 trailer for Game of Thrones has leaked online following the start of the IMAX screenings for the show (bless the fan who thought to share this with the class). Watch it below! And beware, spoilers ahead!

The trailer is really a status quo update – giving fans a nice look at where all their favorite characters are now and what they will be working towards this season. It also shows some clear ways that the story will deviate from the books.

In King’s Landing, we see the fallout from last last season: Jaime standing over Tywin’s dead body in a larger room, as well the wedding between Tommen and Margaery following the death of Joffrey (praise be to The Faith). Cersei found out about Tyrion’s escape and is not happy about it: “That little monster is out there somewhere drawing breath.”

jaime in dorne game of thrones Tyrion doesn’t seem to be in the best of places, though. Bearded, he is across the Narrow Sea with Varys who tells him that he “will have a part to play in the coming war.” The trailer later indicates that this part is in supporting Daenerys Targaryen for the Iron Throne, “a ruler loved by millions with a powerful army and the right family name.”

In the books, Tyrion and Jorah meet up long before ever seeing Dany but this seems to be changing. We see Ser Jorah, recently banished by Dany, in a gladiator pit in the trailer (it’s most likely Daznak’s Pit, which we’ve seen photos of, with Tyrion sitting with Dany).

As for everyone’s favorite and most heart-breaking family, the Starks, we see them too. Arya is now in Braavos and we see her picking up Needle, as well as at the door of the House of Black and White. Sansa is still with Littlefinger, who tells her: “There’s no justice in this world. Not unless we make it. Avenge them.”

Sophie Turner (Sansa) has also teased at a “traumatic” scene for her character this season, which is not in the books (yet). We think it’ll have something to do with Littlefinger and their very complicated relationship.

Plus, we’re finally going to Dorne! We briefly see some of the Sand Snakes in action, including one of them whipping a barrel off a man’s head who’s buried in the sand. Another change from the book is that Jaime will be going to Dorne which we see briefly.

There’s a lot to dissect in this trailer, and much more than we talked about here. We see Olenna, Melisandre, a funeral pyre at The Wall, Yara, and a very brief shot of Reek. The trailer ends with a large golden harpy statue atop Yunkai crashing down. It looks like it’s going to be an exciting and very dramatic season.

What do you think of the trailer? What are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments!

Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer



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