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It’s Dangerous to Go Alone: Take This Incredible Link Action Figure!

For over 20 years, Link has kept us company as the leading hero of epic gameplay. If you’re lucky enough, you remember that first moment, having no idea what to expect from the gameplay and having your mind blown over and over again. And then, you got to relive that mind-blowing experience every few years as new iterations of The Legend of Zelda took place, each one expanding on the intricate universe in a confusing and captivating chronology. But sometimes, even of the most engrossing video game worlds, you have to ask the question, “Is there more?”

Medicom has answered that question with a resounding Yes! The new Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Link Real Action Hero Figure is simply the most incredible way to experience Link in the physical world. This fully poseable figure includes a fabric outfit based off of the new blockbuster game, Breath of the Wild. You can pose Link with his arsenal of weaponry, including sword, shield, archery set, and so much more! An array of interchangeable hands and facial expressions puts the final icing on the cake.

Standing about 12-inches tall, this could represent the pinnacle of the Real Action Hero Figure line. With artwork inspired by the gouache painting style of Breath of the Wild, this figure is as gorgeous as they come. This could be the first figure to truly do justice to this truly epic hero. While this figure will set you back plenty of money, your collection will thank you for it. Pre-order today from Entertainment Earth!



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