Review: Decide What’s next for the LEGO Nexo Knights with This Build Your Own Adventure Book

LEGO Nexo Knights Build Your Own Adventure Book

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While you’re waiting for the fifth season of LEGO Nexo Knights, snap together original stories for Knighton’s heroes and villains with DK’s LEGO Nexo Knights Build Your Own Adventure Book!

Rumor has it the show’s new season will feature the evil Monstrox’s return as a computer virus. (It’s hard to keep a necromancer down.) But the ideas in this copiously illustrated, full-color book will inspire you to spin whatever cyber-chivalric sagas you want.

Fun-Filled Builds from a Computerized Camelot


If you don’t know much about the Nexo Knights, the book makes a fun introduction.

The Kingdom of Knighton is a kind of computerized Camelot. King and Queen Halbert’s champions don high-tech armor, ride rocket-powered Hover Horses, and fight electrified Stone Monsters. In this book, Robin Underwood, a mechanical whiz kid who wants to be a knight, sallies forth with Macy, Axl, Aaron, Lance, and Clay to save the kingdom’s computer servers and the digital mage Merlok 2.0 (think holographic Gandalf) from the meddlings of Monstrox and his criminal clown minion, Jestro.

But the plot takes a back seat to expert LEGO builder Jason Briscoe’s models. Briscoe worked with the Nexo Knights creative team at LEGO headquarters to create 50+ models capturing Knighton’s fantastic, medieval-futuristic fun.

My personal favorite? The villains’ rugged, off-road attack vehicle with spiked wheels, a long-range lightning-bolt cannon, and frightful fangs. It’s a “monster car” in more ways than one.

Building Fearsome Fun!

Image: Michael Poteet

True to the “Build Your Own Adventure” series premise, the book isn’t a step-by-step instruction manual for reproducing Briscoe’s builds. As the text explains, “you may not have the exact same bricks in your LEGO collection.” But the close-up photos of the royal castle’s computer lab, Lance’s luxury convertible, a techno-treehouse with moving staircase, the Stone Monsters’ lightning-laced fortress, and more will motivate LEGO builders to use what pieces they have to creatively emulate these models, then dream up many more.

The book does provide directions for assembling the 78-piece mini-figure that comes with it. I recruited my 10-year-old daughter to build it. She finished in 28 minutes. She loved the finished result: Robin in a heavy-duty suit of battle armor. “It looks fearsome!” she said.

Whether you’re shopping for a young LEGO enthusiast in your life or are an unabashed AFOL yourself, DK’s LEGO Nexo Knights Build Your Own Adventure Book will entertain and inspire hours of creative play.

The Kingdom of Knighton’s fate is yours to build. So order your copy and get to it!



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