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This Life-Size R2-D2 Action Figure Brings Your Vintage Toy Memories to Big Life

Star Wars R2-D2 Life-Size Vintage Kenner Monument Action Figure

Kids in every generation of Star Wars fans love R2-D2.

And why not? He’s brave, resourceful and reliant. His “bleeps” and “bloops” are funnier than most people’s jokes. And – like kids – he’s little.

Before BB-8 rolled around in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he was the littlest droid in the Galaxy Far Far Away (well, except for the mouse droids).

If you were a first-generation Star Wars kid who played with your Artoo action figure until his wraparound sticker wore away and his dome stopped clicking, you’ll love this new Life-Size Vintage Kenner Monument Action Figure from Gentle Giant. It’s a lot of things – but it’s not little!

Back in 1978, the R2-D2 action figure was one of the first four Kenner Toys shipped to fulfill those celebrated “Early Bird Kit” orders. This colossal callback was designed from a digital scan of one of those figures, in mint condition. It stands an impressive 42-inches. That’s 3 1/2-feet, as tall as the full-size droid used on screen.

Every detail of the original toy is here, but bigger. The two solid legs, the blue-and-white paper label, and the vac-metal silver dome – complete with clicking noise.

If you want your collection to command big respect and declare your devotion to the Star Wars saga’s most awesome astromech in a major way, you’ll want this Star Wars R2-D2 Life-Size Vintage Kenner Monument Action Figure standing tall at its center.

Pre-order yours today and get ready for really huge retro fun!



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