One of These Entertainment Earth Exclusive Pop!s Just Can’t Wait to Be King!

From the moment it hit theaters in 1994, The Lion King was an instant Disney classic. How could it not be, with James Earl Jones voicing the tragically regal king Mufasa, a meerkat doing a hula dance, and a plot ripped straight from Hamlet?

And we haven’t even brushed upon Scar and his choreographed hyena henchmen.

Funko’s Pop! stylizations of the beloved animated characters are perfect, and now there are flocked Entertainment Earth Exclusives of the enigmatic baboon mystic, and the young king of the Pride Lands!

First up is Rafiki holding teeny-tiny baby Simba post-christening, as shown by the smear of juice across his forehead. The pair have been captured just prior to that iconic moment where Rafiki holds up the furry prince to be admired by the assembled animal subjects.

Next up is the Mane Event! Slightly older Simba during his “Just Can’t Wait to be King” song and dance number. The little lion is poised to pounce, a grin on his face and a leafy mane around his neck.

Both flocked figures are exclusives, measure approximately 3 3/4-inches tall, and come packaged in themed window display boxes. Be sure to snag them both before the wildebeest stampede! (Too soon?)



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