Live-Action X-Men Television Series in Development for Fox

If the rumors are true (and we hope they are), a live action X-Men television show is headed our way!

According to Bleeding Cool, Fox is in the middle of deep development on a live action X-Men series. And that’s the only news about it. Who will play whom? Which characters will be involved and what story arc will they follow? Will we get cameos from our favorite film portrayals? These questions, and more, are what we all get to mull over until we hear more about the hopefully upcoming X-Men show.

X-MenAs much as fans love (and hate) the X-Men movies, there is just so much in the comic series that can’t be explored in a feature length film. The serialized stories make the perfect adaptation to a smaller screen, which both comic fans and film buffs can enjoy.

Even writer-producer Simon Kinberg agreed when he said that “the serialized format of comic books is better suited for TV.”

With the DC Entertainment’s Gotham on Fox, it’s particularly interesting to note that the X-Men series in development is also for Fox. What does this mean for the rivalry between DC and Marvel? Only time will tell.

But there is absolutely no reason that we can’t expect to see mutants on the smaller screen. Comic heroes are out en mass for television, so why not bring Professor X’s prodigies out to play the game as well?

We’re excited to see what comes of this news. Hopefully we’ll get to see some of the characters who weren’t brought into the film universe. Tell us who you want to see in an X-Men television series in the comments!



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