This Bride Will Help You Get Straight to the Point

Ain’t it always the way? You go to jot down some important reminder or write your last will and testament – and your pencil’s either dull or broken.

With this little lady on hand, you’ll never be in a sticky situation due to an unusable pencil again! The Living Dead Dolls Bride of Valentine Pencil Sharpener is sure to turn heads and jumpstart any conversation!

Don’t let her horrific expression stop you: this bride won’t blink when you stick your pencil in her eye and twist to sharpen. When you’re done, just push the lever hidden on the back of her head, beneath her hair, to make her spit out the shavings!

She comes packaged on a blister card and is small enough to fit in any purse, pencil case, or backpack, making her the perfect girl-on-the-go. This bloody bride will be arriving this summer, so be sure to order now!



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