Look No Further for Outlandish Keshi Figures

OMFG Mini FiguresIf you’re anything like us, you miss the good old days of toys. But one great thing about our culture’s obsession with nostalgia is that everything old is new again. The best function of nostalgia is when familiar aesthetics are revisited: Take a look at Stranger Things and Super 8 to see what it looks like when we take old ways of telling stories and apply them to new ideas. This type of nostalgic redeployment is behind the exciting new mini-figures, OMFG.

Developed by toy lovers for toy lovers, this could be the most exciting and awesome collection of mini-figures ever. OMFG, Outlandish Mini Figure Guys, is a collection of 2-inch mini figures along the lines of other keshi like M.U.S.C.L.E. and Monster in my Pocket. They are the perfect size to decorate the top of your computer monitor, line up on your car dashboard, and just fill up your pocket for when you’re bored.

There are four series of figures that come packaged in packs of five. Each figure is designed up a different visionary and sculpted by a different artist. Together, they make up a diverse vision of a somewhat disgusting universe that captures the shock and charm of collectible figures and cards from the 1980s. With names like Puke Knight, Cry-borg, Barbarianaut, and Fossil Freak, you’re not likely to be disappointed.

Each series of five figures are unpainted and sold separately. You can even find some of them in glow-in-the-dark, if you’re lucky. The only danger is that one series will never be enough, so you may as well order them all at Entertainment Earth.

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