Amazing Green Ranger 4-Foot Statue Will Be the Centerpiece of Any Collection!

Power Rangers Green Ranger Statue

You won’t see many collector’s items like this! In fact, at best, you’ll only see 10! That’s right, this MM Power Rangers Green Ranger 4-Foot Fiberglass Statue has one of the most limited runs of any collector’s statues – only 10 of them will be made!

This isn’t cheap, I have to warn you; this top-shelf item comes from the collection of really cool and really expensive stuff that few collectors invest in, or have the opportunity to. With an edition this limited, it won’t last long, and it won’t be in everyone’s collection.

Weighing in at 78 pounds, Tommy Oliver, as the Green Ranger, comes to life in the form of this statue. He comes equipped with his two interchangeable weapons, the Sword of Darkness and the Dragon Dagger. The Green Ranger exemplified the code of honor and justice that bound the Power Rangers together. For many collectors, the Green Ranger shows the Power Rangers at their best in design and characterization.

This statue is expected to be available in July of this year, but with pre-ordering available, you can’t wait that long to reserve yours. You just don’t take any risks with an item like this. This statue comes very carefully packed in a styro crate. It doesn’t ship in the usual snail mail way, but delivery will be arranged when the item is ready for shipment and the buyer is available for the delivery. This Green Ranger Statue is for only the most serious and dedicated collectors. You can pre-order it now at Entertainment Earth!

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Power Rangers Green Ranger Statue

Power Rangers Green Ranger Statue



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